Research Projects..  
  Crop Protection:  
  Institute Projects  
  Code: JE1.1  
  Title: Integrated management of Kenaf pests with special reference to mealy bug  
  Investigator(s): S Satpathy and BS Gotyal  
  Duration: 2009-14  
  Code: JE1.2  
  Title: Identifying the sources and mechanism of resistance against major pests of jute  
  Investigator(s): BS Gotyal and S Satpathy  
  Duration: 2010-13  
  Code: JE1.3  
  Title: Ecology and Management of jute hairy caterpillar Spilosoma obliqua Walker  
  Investigator(s): K Selvaraj, S. Satpathy and B.S. Gotyal  
  Duration: 2011-13  
  Code: JE1.4  
  Title: Determination of single and multiple pests economic injury levels in jute  
  Investigator(s): K Selvaraj and B.S. Gotyal  
  Duration: 2012-14  
  Code: JM7.9  
  Title: Studies on seed borne pathogen/s and their epidemiology  
  Investigator(s): SK Sarkar and H Chowdhury  
  Duration: 2008-12  
  Code: JM8.0  
  Title: Management of stem rot of jute  
  Investigator(s): RK De, C Biswas and SK Sarkar  
  Duration: 2009-12  
  Code: JM8.1  
  Title: Studies on Beauveria bassiana for managing jute pests and diseases  
  Investigator(s): C Biswas, S Satpathy and BS Gotyal  
  Duration: 2010-13  
  Code: JM8.2  
  Title: Studies on induction of resistance againstĀ  jute pests and diseases by chemical elicitors  
  Investigator(s): C Biswas, BS Gotyal, SK Sarkar and H Chowdhury  
  Duration: 2010-13  
  Code: JM8.3  
  Title: Studies on variability of Macrophomina phaseolina infecting jute and mesta  
  Investigator(s): RK De, C Biswas and CS Kar  
  Duration: 2012-17  
  Externally Funded Projects  
  Code: TMJ-MM1.6  
  Title: Control of yellow vein mosaic virus of Hibiscus cannabinus  
  Investigator(s): RK De  
  Duration: 2006-13